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Erjon Sopaj Retouch Action Full Packcompress files

Erjon Sopaj Retouch Action Full Packcompress files

Through the link provided below, you will be able to free download the Erjon Sopaj Retouch Action Full Packcompress files that are included in this article. You will find the Photoshop action pack for retouching and beautifying portraits in this section. This pack includes tools for things like smoothing skin, removing blemishes, retouching orange skin, whitening teeth, creating real skin texture, eye shadow, and lip gloss, among other things, and it is available in both ATN and JPG file formats. It can be downloaded from the site at your convenience.

Images Showing the Before and After Results of Using the Erjon Sopaj Retouch Action Complete Pack:

After applying the Erjon Sopaj Retouch Action, the "Before and After" pictures are displayed below for your viewing pleasure. Before you download, you can look at those images to get a clearer idea of what you're getting.


  • BW Help Layer Frequency Separation + FS 8-Bit + FS 8-Bit Artificial Skin Texture [BW Help Layer Frequency Separation]
  • D&B shades of yellow
  • Skin The effect of grain and smoothness
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Contouring the face
  • Sharpening
  • Desharpening
  • Lips/Cheeks
  • Brighten up and whiten Whitening teeth only Whitening teeth only
  • Simple dental work needed
  • Eyes Plus Plus Eyes Plus – basic
  • Easy Eye specialist
  • Skin that is quick, smooth, and like a magic brush Skin The appearance of smooth light granules
  • a gentle watercolor in oil
  • a blurry surface for the FS.

Prerequisites for the Software: Adobe Photoshop versions CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC2014, CC2015, CC2015.5, CC2016, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021, and CC2022 A Variation in English